Identify, equip and empower young persons

Harvest Soccer Academy

Harvest Soccer Academy

Our humble beginning

Harvest Soccer Academy was created by Cavin Muodzi

A born and bred Zibambwean, in 2016 when he was 22 years old.  He had the potential to be a great footballer, but he was an orphan with very limited resources and no opportunites.

Help make the dreams a reality

He moved to South Africa in search of a better life, gained employment at a restaurant in Kalk Bay and still uses the income of his informal employment to help make the dreams of young, disadvantaged children, a reality.

The search for role-models

Anyone who has spent time in informal settlements in South Africa, will know that there are very few opportunities offered to children to escape the pitfalls that these areas expose young people to, being gangsterism, crime, prostitution and drugs, amongst others.  Many children get hooked into this sad cycle in their search for role-models, or in some cases, just something to eat.

Cavin started coaching soccer in Masiphumelele with just four children

It was challenging, and still is.  Very few of the players get (limited) assistance from their parents and he is always looking for ways and means to get more support to ensure that he does not have to give up on them.

Sharing the passion
These children share his passion and determination to succeed, because regardless of not having a proper kit to play in (clothing or shoes), or a vehicle to transport them in, or how small the team used to be, they always give it their all.
Share the sentiment
They share his sentiment which is “With the help of God and the love we have for soccer, we will and can do anything”.
Inspiring passion
Their passion was so inspiring, and thanks to God, two other coaches volunteered their time and skills and joined the Academy, which now consists of 65 players.

Life skills

Cavin teaches them about God, and is an example to them, sharing his values, ethics and morals of discipline, respect, honour, honesty, self-control, and dedication with them.  In addition, he helps them learn life skills.  Not all the children have role-models that are able to share this with them and to lead by example.

What we do & our vision

The vision of the Academy is to identify, equip and empower young persons who have the talent for soccer, but still have not yet been recognised.  It provides them with an opportunity and platform, to showcase their talent.

Limited resources

Informally, due to the Academy’s limited resources, they also support leadership development and career guidance through sport.  In time, the Academy would love to formalise these programmes, thereby ensuring more opportunities to develop the players’ abilities, capacity and self-confidence to assist them to transform their lives, their families and their communities.

Eliminate prejudice & discrimination

It also assists to eliminate prejudice and discrimination by identifying and providing equal opportunities to all, regardless of their background.

The Academy aims to build relationships with as many communities as possible, playing a key-roIe factor to bring people together as one.

Southern Peninsula League

Despite our very limited resources and funds, the Academy is proud to report that we have registered our teams with the Southern Peninsula League (a very competitive league in the Western Province) we have won multiple trophies!  We have five teams, being the under 10, under 12, under 14, under 16 and under 18’s.  Our players have shown great dedication by attending training sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, travelling great distances by foot.  It is astounding to see how well our players perform despite all the challenging conditions.

Our challenges

We are currently training without dedicated premises – sometimes on the beach, and we have a very old, rusty combi (a small Toyota mini-van) that we use to help transport our players to games.  We usually need to do 4 – 6 trips in a day to get all our players to and from games.  The parents of our players are not always able to help provide food or funds for transport and outfits, so we rely on the assistance of neighbouring communities to help us just cover the basics to help realise our dreams.

In short, our needs are

Affiliation and registration fees that is payable annually, training equipment like balls, cones, agility ladders, cones, goal posts.  We do not have any medical or liability cover and also need to purchase a first aid kit & get some or our members trained in first aid.  We need soccer kits for each child which also includes gloves, tracksuits, t-shirts and soccer boots.

More items required

We need training bags, coach whistles, a stop watch, trainers and rain jackets. If we can get a field again, there will be field rentals. We need money to for laundry, food and refreshments, transport and service and maintenance.

We would love to pay our coaches salaries, which we are not nearly close to yet.

The list goes on

It would be amazing to have a fund for a Christmas gift per player, prizegiving ceremonies, a 32 seater bus.  Imagine having a bursary fund for players that finish school, or money to do tours or play games overseas. And to have funds for marketing, stationary, our website (gratefully sponsored for now), sending our coaches on more training, having a driver… aaah, the list goes on.

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Our dream

We would love to have a hostel, with training fields, where players will be able to stay over or live, for those that do not have their own families.  A safe place to live, play, train and be part of our family.